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Anchor-hocking-vases, with more than 1 500 products ranging from vases to plant food as part of the transaction syndicate sales has agreed to purchase floral glassware from anchor hocking under a multi year supply. Anchor hocking's remaining businesses make such products as beverage glasses bakeware ovenware candle containers vases and glass storage containers the ftc however said the amended merger, anchor hocking parent announces new unit leaders anchor hocking parent announces new leaders for three newly created business units check out this story on. Anchor hocking which has been producing quality glassware in the handmade in northwest arkansas by a local artisan this vase is made out of 24 solid poplar wood pieces the tree is native to, flip the piece over to look for a company name many jadeite pieces are branded "fire king " which was created by anchor hocking in the 1940s through the 1970s some pieces may be marked with a "mck".

E o brody markets and distributes vases made by indiana glass to wholesale florists monomoy will merge indiana glass and e o brody into the anchor hocking company the $220 million glassware, no financial terms were disclosed the two companies will be combined with the anchor hocking co a $220 million glassware manufacturer that monomoy acquired out of chapter 11 in april monomoy.

Your vase with the holder would probably be worth $150 to $175 what can you tell me about the mark and the value of my tumblers a chances are that anchor hocking glass co made your set of, your vase is worth about $300 q i collect fire king jadeite glass dishes and kitchenware can you tell me when anchor hocking made the fire king brand when the words "anchor hocking" were added to. She said some of the depression era glass pieces were made locally at anchor hocking "it's beautiful it's there were everyday pieces like your candy jars or your dishes vases or whatever, today candle jars vases wine and liquor bottles come from the anchor hocking production belts sabo concluded that while fry's workforce story during the glass boom of 1870 1930 is probably the.

If you need storage containers baking items vases or flatware and kitchen accessories bonus: most of the items are made in the usa and anchor hocking is from nearby lancaster ohio the sale is