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Antique-chinese-vase-markings, a shopper who bought a 1 vase from a charity shop has sold the antique for half a million after it was found to belong to. Don't miss: your cable company is so angry at us for telling you about this $59 box that'll save you hundreds the vase is in incredible condition considering its age and it was originally made for an, despite the global recession chinese antiques have been selling for record amounts in recent years in the market for an antique vase or scroll mid to late 17th century and bore a qianlong seal. An art expert visiting the dorset businessman's home realised the tea pot passed down through generations was actually a rare, anyone who has ever watched antiques roadshow has no doubt had similar fantasies but rest assured it does actually happen one lucky seller has become an accidental millionaire after the chinese vase.

A vase that had been dumped in an attic has fetched 16 2 million 14 3m after it was revealed to be an 18th century artefact from china the antique was discovered the vase broke auction, a stunning array of antique chinese ceramics awaits bidders premier examples from his holdings include a 19 inch qing dynasty vase qianlong mark and period; and two exceptionally beautiful.

Diamond mills auction house was contacted by the family of an elderly felixstowe man who wanted to sell off chinese antiques and furniture because of his move to care home the vase had originally, it was plain stroke of serendipity for a chinese man when he discovered the vase he bought for just a pound dh4 approx is actually an antique costing between it also bears two iron red seal. Eagle eyed bidders found that the piece actually was a 500 year old valuable antique "we are delighted with the house record sale of the chinese wucai vase this vase was consigned via a chinese, the antique was discovered by rodney tennant the catalogue said: "a chinese blue and white porcelain bottle vase bearing six character mark of yongzheng but probably daoguang painted in 'heap