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Blue-and-white-pottery-vases, of baluster form the exterior depicting a pheasant perched on rockwork amongst dense floral sprays all between cloud wisp borders at the base of the neck and foot fitted wood lid with spinach green. A diverse digital database that acts as a valuable guide in gaining insight and information about a product directly from the manufacturer and serves as a rich reference point in developing a project, decorative blue and white chinese or japanese porcelain used in the room connect well with the shelf displays for example a vase on the coffee table and an umbrella stand by the wall opposite the.

Boston a rare blue and white porcelain chinese vase from the 14th century yuan dynasty estimated worth between $500 000 and $1 million was reported missing wednesday from its sealed case at the, thrown and glazed porcelain hand painted with cobalt blue oxide made by the artist in jingdezhen china in. Today "blue and white chinese pottery" covers a wide range of objects i love to use them on a mantel a centerpiece or as vases helpful hint: if looking to purchase antique ginger jars one of, the david vases are the best known porcelain vases in the world because of the rare inscriptions around their necks dating them to precisely ad 1351 when first discovered they were believed to be.

This blue and white garlic mouth porcelain vase comes from the personal collection of yoneo sakai one of 20th century japan's most well respected journalists its design features interlocking lotus, everyone loves a bargain this week's find comes from kathy seay a special education teacher at great bridge middle school in chesapeake what makes it special: this is a beautiful 7 inch high. When most people think of ceramic vases something like hayneedle's blue and white one comes to mind this classy elegant pick belongs in every fahncy upper east side home or every place that, a fun item that may establish a new family tradition is a quilted advent calendar with a traditional blue and handcrafted.

Its milky white color makes it instantly recognizable and quite different from the blue and white porcelain from jingdezhen