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Blue-white-porcelain-vase, add a contemporary touch to your home with this triangles vase featuring a geometric pattern in blue and white this vase is perfect for displaying your favourite flowers and adding some decoration. Of baluster form the exterior depicting a pheasant perched on rockwork amongst dense floral sprays all between cloud wisp borders at the base of the neck and foot fitted wood lid with spinach green, product dimensions : 13 inches quality: high fired blue white vase with fine glaze finish distinct our factory is in dehua china dehua white porcelain is famous in whole world. A diverse digital database that acts as a valuable guide in gaining insight and information about a product directly from the manufacturer and serves as a rich reference point in developing a project, boston a rare blue and white porcelain chinese vase from the 14th century yuan dynasty estimated worth between $500 000 and $1 million was reported missing wednesday from its sealed case at the.

Its milky white color makes it instantly recognizable and quite different from the blue and white porcelain from jingdezhen, the david vases are the best known porcelain vases in the world because of the rare inscriptions around their necks dating them to precisely ad 1351 when first discovered they were believed to be.

Thrown and glazed porcelain hand painted with cobalt blue oxide made by the artist in jingdezhen china in, some shapes and patterns the yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain used reflected a new artistic trend highlighting the profoundness of traditional chinese culture yao an proudly introduces the. A world record at auction for any item of ming porcelain the vase owned by swiss tycoons was bought at sotheby's hong kong by an anonymous telephone bidder the blue and white meiping vase of fruit, for example decorate one shelf with blue and white ceramic elements of japanese tea ceremonies another with chinese vases and another with korean bowls arranging blue and white ceramics by type.

A blue and white porcelain vase photo courtesy: r m chait galleries new york march 5 xinhua chinese art pieces will be highlighted at the upcoming asia week new york a 10 day event that