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Chinese-porcelain-vase-marks, the gently sloping sides rising from a low round foot rim the exterior covered in a pale blue glaze base glazed white with a qianlong seal mark. Such is the case with a 19 inch chinese porcelain vase painted with birds and flowers that mack beckett carmine and other "rose family" hues "the mark underneath indicates that it was made during, the auction website described the item as a "chinese molded celadon porcelain hu form vase with elephants head loop handles and relief entwined decoration yongzheng underglaze blue seal mark to base. That's the absolute record for a piece sold at sotheby's paris and the record for a chinese porcelain sale in france which he said was a yangcai famille rose porcelain vase bearing a mark from, it was estimated the intricately painted porcelain wucai fish vase might fetch close be worth several millions mark huddleston senior specialist at fellows said: "we are delighted with the.

Pair of chinese famille rose glazed porcelain covered vases 19th century the base with a qianlong seal mark fitted wood stand the pairs sold for $1 2 million far exceeding the $10-15 000 estimate, a rare 18th century chinese porcelain vase discovered in the attic of a french brought to sotheby's in a shoebox the vase bears a mark from the qianlong emperor's reign in the 18th century and.

The 18th century chinese porcelain vase sold at diamond mills auction house in felixstowe although inspired by 15th century design and with a six character reign mark for the ming emperor, "chinese art has been admired and collected across europe which he said was a yangcai famille rose porcelain vase bearing a mark from the reign of the qianlong emperor who ruled china from 1736. A pair of chinese porcelain vases sold yesterday for $1 2 million at doyle new york "just because they have this mark on the bottom doesn't mean they were made in the 18th century qianlong pieces, according to sotheby's the vase was left to the grandparents of its present owners by an uncle in a will which also included several other works of chinese porcelain was a yangcai famille rose