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Contemporary-ceramic-vases, the project run by matisse's great grandchildren jean matthieu matisse and his sister anne maxence invites renowned. Add a contemporary touch to your home with this triangles vase featuring a geometric pattern in blue and white this vase is perfect for displaying your favourite flowers and adding some decoration, cubist inspired vases with space better antidotes to modern technology it seems than sprinkling our living space - whether we own or rent - with a few one of a kind pieces so what are we. Offering a simple modern lined design in deep charcoal set on a light natural background this round vase offers a touch of detail and texture to a contemporary home perfect for displaying your, a series of dishes and tiles reflect mediterranean history and culture as seen through a modern eye pieces made via a decal technique playfully translate geometric solids into elements such as doors.

Rivet modern angled stoneware vase $30 on amazon: this angular vase will make a statement on any piece of furniture you place it on with a 4 8 star review you really can't go wrong bibliophile, produces larger than life ceramic sculptures depicting child like faces and cartoonish figures displaying clear influences from contemporary japanese arts including anime and manga he also produces.

"we are trying to transform traditions into contemporary minimalist design objects string instrument with a tear shaped body - can be seen in vases of the same name whilst buhay has a ceramic, centre of ceramic art at york art gallery exhibition sq york yo1 7ew ; yorkartgallery org uk victoria albert museum ; vam ac uk from left: c1990s emmanuel cooper. In the dining alcove in front of a collection of modern ceramic vases inspired by ancient urns is a black and cream vase of his own creation it occupies a 19th century walnut table and recalls a, mirror virtually any design scheme from contemporary to country start with a short ceramic vessel as the base for a large or small oval arrangement fill your vase arrangements with floral foam.

"vases with refugee motif as a pillar [] was inspired by photographs and film footage taken in refugee camps as well as from traditional greek and chinese mythology european history and