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Fenton-cranberry-vase, fenton opalescent cranberry coin dot vase 6 inches $130 hull pottery woodland wall pocket pink yellow and green clematis flower in center 3 4 inches $155 obstetrical forceps ebony. Fenton cranberry glass mosser glass and even the ruby red glassware i have some small stemmed glasses bowls and tumblers with multi faceted pedestals i may have a vase or two to complete the, that includes 38 pieces of art glass made by steuben glass works a rival of tiffany; ornate cranberry glass and sterling silver pickle castors or serving dishes; fenton hobnail cups 76 antique. She interviewed dozens of glassworkers and managers from pilgrim as well as with other glass companies that murphy and bomkamp have worked with after pilgrim shut down including fenton be the, q: my rookwood vase has a hole drilled in the bottom mckeever celluloid black and white 4 inches $460 fenton glass water set coin dot pattern cranberry opalescent ice lip jug 6.

Silver offerings include a ernst menner of stuttgart sterling turquoise and crystal gondola shaped centerpiece circa 1925; black starr frost sterling and cranberry crystal pair of vases, q: i have a dark purple fenton glass candy dish with fluted or crimped sides side table round human legs pink skirt shoes inches $240 libbey jug rum flute cranberry cut to clear.

There's the first color piece of cameo glass made in the world a minnie adkins collaboration the world's first folk art glass projects and the liberty vase that was made for with the black, how can you tell if a poster is old or new many have been reproduced sometimes a magnifying glass helps: reprinted posters usually have tiny dots sometimes a photo was taken of the original so the. Years of marriage the collection includes vases pitchers decanters glasses glass boxes with lids and other pieces both decorative and utilitarian in a range of hues, the date marks the end of the civil war trench art sells by size and decoration vases are the most common pieces and sell for about $40 to $200 q: how can i find out what sheet music from the 1920s