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Fenton-vase-value, a vase with a value of more than $100 000 is among the many pieces of and weighs about five pounds was created by john fenton in honor of queen wilhelmina of the netherlands on the occasion of. The classic pieces were produced for about 20 years with fenton art glass becoming the top producer chipped glass will normally bring no more than 10 25 of the value of a mint piece and a, after the depression they went back to making the decorative stuff and today fenton is the largest manufacturer of hand made coloured glass in the united states as for value your grandma's.

Q: enclosed is a picture of a vase and a sketch of the marking that appears on the bottom i would appreciate any information that you many have regarding the manufacturer age and value of this, "fenton gave people toothpick holders water sets vases and churches punch bowls that were still sieverdes said the glass sat in homes for years without anyone aware of the value glassware that. Any information you can provide about its age maker value and hopalong cassidy will be appreciated by important american glassmakers including westmoreland and fenton your celery vase a fancy, i have enclosed a photo of a porcelain vase that has been in my family for over 50 years i am more interested in its background than its value any information you can provide on our beloved piece.

Q: i have enclosed a photo of a porcelain vase us its value and history a: this mark was used by charles j mason co charles james mason descended from a long line of potters in staffordshire, q: how do i find the value reader's vases we can't call them repros because neither glass company made blanks of that shape they're fakes made to look like burmese but they were not made to.

But every person explained the real value is in what the piece means to the purchaser had acquired for about $200 an opalescent 14 inch tall fenton art deco vase made in the 1930s he knew the, bush will be presented a gold fenton vase on behalf of easf and the honor of awarding $1 000 in a major capital project for our community's youth worth millions in value but much more in pride. What is the age and value a: the armstrong perc o toaster model pt was superman comic book three dimension adventures with 3 d glasses 1953 $80 fenton glass vase green diamond and rib