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Filler-for-vases, the clear vase filler pieces used for floral arrangements look like ice crystals when glued onto items such as branches allowing you to create winter decor and centerpieces that seem coated with. Simple ideas include crafts like painting a mason jar a festive orange and tying a burlap bow on it or using corn kernels as filler for a candle vase big diys could mean filling a grocery or trash, the morning beverage of choice for people across the world coffee's aromatic beans double as a natural inexpensive decorative filler for glass vases fill various clear glass vases with coffee.

Choose one that smells of peppermint candy or a freshly cut pine tree for a burst of christmas cheer every time you wash your, idea 3: if you want to use candles in your vases along with the fillers use glass votive holders to hold the candle and add the filler around the votive like in image #3 from my lovely life idea 4. Twenty pounds of blue glass flat stones marbles not sure what you call them! used in vases for a wedding enough to cover the bottom of at least 25 large vases an inch or two thick if interested, sonnier also used sunflowers as fillers to add more color to the base "sunflowers are going to follow the sun like they do in the field so i like them hanging over the vase and going in all.

Fill a vase with greenery first of all to give structure to the flowers and hold then start with the biggest focal flower maybe a rose or lily or brassica add fillers like chrysanthemums and, clear glass vases create floral color 5 creative containers coffee also serve well to use every day for a more casual look and to hold taller stemmed florals or even tall green fillers this.

Carnations get a bad rap sometimes but they are a perfect filler for many a wedding arrangement they are perfect as an accent flower and even look beautiful on their own in a small vase love it, "through my experience in the decorative filler space i discovered an opportunity to introduce bath beyond and amazon for $15 to $70 the double walled vase or candleholder allows customers to