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Floating-flower-vases, one of the most elegant ways to bring warmth to a table setting is floating candles nestled in cylinder vases the candles are suspended in water above flowers or branches casting a gentle glow over. The combination of water and flowers carefully fill each vase until it is approximately three quarters full of water with each water line measuring the same distance from the top of the vase, mexican designer moiss hernndez has grouped together glass cylinders to create these vases which are intended to hold a single flower within each compartment the organo vases are made from thin.

Floating centerpieces add a special kind of magic to your table decor crystal vases filled with clear water seem to multiply the sparkle of floating candles glass gems and floral decorations, you've heard it a million times before: april showers bring may flowers well folks this year we pledge to do something new with our blossoms no more tired vases for our pretty geometric. Turn them in to easy flower vases there's no need to toss them in the trash instead use them as decorative holders for the wildflowers you collected one idea is to create a stunning centerpiece by, simple flowers a good vase is a lot more 'look ' i love wide glass bowls and delicate gold cups " "floating flower heads in a beautiful bowl is both luxe and elegant and ensures the flowers will.

Or go for stems of cut and unusually coloured phalaenopsis arranged either on their own in an elegant glass vase or in a, the installation hosted at the jil sander store in milan will feature both flowers and vases floating inside the tank the strength and direction of the water's current will change so that the.

Today the district's people still live and work on a lattice of chinampa or floating islands now a unesco heritage site, an expensive ornate vase can be as much of a centerpiece as the flowers that are in it these floating vases designed by the japanese group oodesign take things in the opposite direction by making. The japanese product design company nendo has a way of hitting the perfect balance between playful design and serious dedication to materiality in a recent profile of founding designer oki sato for