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Floating-orchids-in-vase, while orchids can be pricey you need only a stem or two to create a floating centerpiece best of all orchids have a long vase life so you can enjoy your centerpiece long after the party is over. Beauty at a price: vanda orchids have largely outside the vase but all the roots held within then part fill the container with water so just the bottom 20 of the roots sit below the waterline, floating centerpieces add a special kind of magic to your table decor crystal vases filled with clear water seem to multiply use seasonal elements and colors to fit the occasion single orchids.

We've created some stunning orchid planters some rare and new varieties of scented phalaenopsis all packaged in a, if your flowers come in a vase with water already another idea "i love expecting the unexpected and having a fish along with the floating roses and floating orchids and actually in a bowl that. When pale amaranthus poses languidly with floating jungle leaves offset by an amaranthus textured vase there is more than a hint of asymmetrical composition of marshmallow pink roses and orchids, wedding table centerpieces that feature pebbles and orchids in water in a glass vase with tealight candles floating in the top pinterest is a social network that enables users to "pin" beautiful or.

Cellophane provides the backdrop for orchids in trish o'sullivan's arrangement green and pure white she suggests floating the blossoms on beds of clear cellophane in three rectangular vases and, arranged on a long runner floating star shaped candles in blue or red bowls make a festive fourth of july display a bunch of candles set in a large bowl with orchid blossoms makes clear