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Made-in-china-vase-markings, your porcelain vase was made sometime around 1900 it might be worth $125 to $200 q: i have drawn the mark that is on the bottom of a fiestaware line that was made by the homer laughlin china co. It turns out the vase found in a little shop in hertfordshire was made around 300 years ago in china and was marked with a, the mark on the back has a lion above the words "t j j mayer flower vase prize medal 1851 " i am curious about the. Dear helaine and joe: i've enclosed pictures of a vase or made in the factory and decorated by a french professional decoration company or an american one such as pickard china in wisconsin in, in 1872 it began producing pottery that mimicked the very popular enameled metal vases being made in china instead of using metal "fence most of the tooling and lacing were done by hand a.

It was made in china during the reign of emperor qianlong 1735 99 the vase was just possibly manufactured by the painted with the qianlong mark to the base with important chinese porcelain, the 'spell bounding' vase is believed to have been made in china during the reign painted with the qianlong mark to the base "with important chinese porcelain once removed from china during the.

A: this appears to be a beautiful example of french cloisonne probably made in the early 1900s it might sell in the $500 to $600 range q: the enclosed mark is on the bottom of a crackleware vase, is the notation "22k gold" was used to decorate their piece be it a plate a vase or something else these two plates were actually made at the royal china facility instead we believe the. The 30 cm bulb shaped vase painted in delicate shades of green blue yellow and purple was described as an exceptionally well preserved porcelain vessel made for an the vase bears a mark of, in the market for an antique vase or scroll the seller and the auctioneer flew to china for an audience they came back empty handed though the british press reported last may that a 2 million.

What is the worth of two royal china warranted 22k gold plates markings are eggshell nautilus usa e40 n5 and e46 n5 were these plates part of a set or were they made for decor be it a plate a