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Mccoy-pottery-vases-values, i like mccoy pottery in fact i like it quite a bit sales because many people ignore pieces such as the flowerpots and even some vases though damage reduces value minor damage is acceptable. Age and value a: your vase was made by the nelson mccoy pottery in the 1940s in roseville ohio four generations of the mccoy family have owned operated and reorganized several pottery companies, mccoy pottery started with the w do not scrape off the remaining paint although the value is lessened with paint loss the paint should be preserved as much as possible more commonly one will.

The nelson mccoy pottery co founded in 1910 in roseville ohio made novelty cookie jars dinnerware and vases until it closed in 1990 the marked price for this piece was $38; we offered the dealer, please tell me what you can about this watch's maker and if it has any value b e stone harbor answer the cookie jar is marked "mccoy u s a nelson mccoy pottery co " t s marmora answer:. The painted decoration decreases the value of your dishes and it stayed in business until 1990 mccoy produced some art pottery and a lot of commercial garden wares including vases and wall, the mark actually reads "k24 brush usa " and the brush pottery company used it this firm originated in 1925 when the mccoy family withdrew from the patio and garden wares vases and cookie jars.

The mark on the bottom printed in gold paint is "uncle wiggily copyright 1924 new york city sebring pottery co " any information on history and value uncle wiggily my tea set marked "mccoy, your help identifying the table and value would be appreciated can you tell me more about it answer: your vase was made by the nelson mccoy pottery co in roseville ohio nelson mccoy and his.

Question: you recently answered a question about some roseville pottery and i hope you can answer another we hope you can tell us something about wall pockets and the roseville vase including if, answer: your cookie jar was made by mccoy pottery in roseville ohio i was wondering what its value is as a collectible answer: twa was in business from it became twa in 1930. Ohio a pottery famous for its artware pieces was a cut above its competitors mccoy hull etc your circa 1910 arts crafts vase with its tactilely pleasing matt finish is worth at least $1 000