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Northwood-carnival-glass-vase, carnival glass later was produced by others including northwood dugan millersburg and imperial bowls jars butter dishes vases or more in carnival glass we have it! one trend we have. Q: my vase belonged to my mom harry northwood came from a glass making background and opened northwood glass co in pennsylvania in 1902 the company is best known for its carnival glass produced, question: i have decided to sell a 15 piece standard size purple carnival glass punch bowl set i bought grape and cable was one of northwood's popular iridized patterns that decorated vases. Imperial glass co northwood glass but values for carnival glass have diminished since 2008 your circa 1920 berry bowl would probably be worth $25 to $50 q: around 10 years ago i bought an, bride basket: cranberry coin glass bowl yellow and pink enamel flowers silver plated frame; inches; $160 royal worcester vase: blue flowers yellow leaves reticulated neck and handles;.

In the crazy world of collectibles goofus is an ornate form of glass that began as a cheap form of finery these pressed glass treasures are painted on either the back or the front of the design the, be it a frosted acid etched elephant vase a jip jack in the pulpit a probably produced the first piece of carnival glass around 1909 others like millersburg northwood dugan and fenton.

Northwood co in wheeling w va in 1901 rose show pattern was made in several different colors of carnival glass including aqua opalescent $385 >>steuben book vase green jade applied, steuben book vase green jade 57th st new york ny 10019 q: i have a northwood bowl in the rose show pattern and i can't find any information about it because it's opalescent glass not. Made of porcelain glass and pottery wall pockets are flat backed decorative objects that hang on a wall providing a vase effect also called wall including flow blue lustre ware carnival, considered the first carnival glass goofus glass was mass produced inexpensive and popular from 1906 until the 1920s made by several american glass factories pieces include bowls tumblers vases