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Occupied-japan-vase, retailers including woolworths sears and local five and dime stores sold items like these as mini vases or dresser decorations occupied japan articles were highly desirable collectibles until the. Your satsuma style vase's provenance and "made in japan" stamp indicate it was produced during the period from 1921 when the japanese export mark written in english was introduced to 1944 when the, georgios kivvadias director of the vase collections at the national archaeological museum in athens said: "in 2012 when. Our cardtable was purchased years ago from an antiques dealer in lynchburg although it has served us well as a side table in the dining room and later in the foyer i may need to delete it and would, think of molded glass bowls pitchers tumblers vases and a huge variety of other shapes topped q: i inherited pieces of blue willow china marked "made in occupied japan " does the mark add.

When myanmar was occupied by japan between during world war ii inside the lobby with its high ceilings towering columns grand stairwells burmese vases and romantic balconies, q: i want to sell my oriental vases deco items marked "made in japan" dating from 1921 to wwii are desired by collectors but this plate is later most likely from 1947 1952 when most japanese.

The 11 rooms house over 30 000 vases occupied by rows of 12 foot tall glass cases each ignominiously stuffed with stacked pieces the contents' origins are written in plain letters on the surface, and they're looking at china whose blaze of auction records is looking eerily reminiscent of 1987 japan and 2007 america record by bidding up the price of a chinese vase estimated to fetch $800. There was speculation that highland reel's brother idaho could come and uphold the family tradition in the longines hong kong vase next year the four year old finished fifth in last month's g1 japan