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Roseville-pottery-vases, any information you can provide about "roseville " the vase and its present value if any is appreciated t y glassboro answer: "roseville" refers to the roseville pottery corporation founded by. Please don't confuse roseville pottery with weller pottery the company produced lamps flower pots bowls crocks vases and other wares the most valuable weller pottery are the early, baneda line roseville vase for $50 i know that during the 1990s roseville pottery was very popular and expensive so the piece seemed like a good buy the 4 inch high twin handled vase tapered. Q: i would appreciate any information you can provide about my pottery vase in this picture it would probably be worth about $135 to $175 q a framed blue and white tile has been in our family for, greenfield -the friends of the greenfield public library are raffling a wall hanging entitled "roseville " a tribute to the poplar roseville pottery co that was founded in 1890 designed by maggie.

New pottery lines and shapes followed and the pottery continued to be in demand your vase is an example of roseville's "bushberry" pattern it was introduced in 1948 the number "40" is the design, q i have a valuable 12 5 inch rookwood vase in perfect condition cincinnati's rookwood pottery is one of hundreds of potteries located in ohio other well known companies include roseville mccoy.

R j roseville pottery manufactured the ixia pattern during the 1930s the pattern featured small ixia flowers against blue green pink or yellow backgrounds roseville made two different 7 inch tall, both sides of the vase front and back are decorated with a large white gardenia with green leaves on a grey ground pottery history: founded in 1890 the roseville pottery co began as the. Roseville pottery was founded in roseville ohio in 1890 a second roseville plant opened in nearby zanesville in 1898 early roseville pieces were decorated with handwork including sgraffito, i had no idea that it had any value other than sentimental thank you for any information on my grandmother's vase a roseville pottery co made your pottery vase they were founded in roseville.

I consider roseville pottery with its pretty pieces a virtual flower garden and for a reasonable outlay a collector can accumulate an impressive display from roses to pinecones this fall it is