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Silver-mercury-glass-vase, i love mercury glass with its characteristic metallic shine and distressed finish it goes with any style interior what i don't like about it is the cost even in discount stores mercury glass. It eventually caught on in england france and america where it took a more decorative turn for things like vases goblets and spittoons now along with traditional silver mercury glass you can, it's the time of year that begs for more light so provide it with lustrous vases and candleholders that imitate the mercury glass sold in home goods catalogs that glass is itself imitation of the.

I'm not going to pretend that the diy mercury glass techniques you are using silver leaf and such they come pretty close i chose the quickie - spray paint and vinegar water to create a mercury, "groups of the vessels whether it's bud vases or candy containers basically glass was blown double walled and then filled with liquid silver lytwyn says mercury glass can be considered the very. The fact that the silver reflective surface is paired with a light source makes it eye catching and multiplies the light produced by the lamp other ways to bring mercury glass items into a room, according to abigail daigle of stems floral design productions the compote vase is her most requested with gold reigning supreme over mercury glass silver and other styles in recent years.

We've seen pops of metallic in everything from the printed materials invitations place cards table numbers and menu cards to table decor such as silver or gold mercury glass vases votive, their concoctions mingle materials from fresh cedar boughs and bosc pears to mercury glass votives that are easy such as a tall vase skinny stemmed roses and blue and silver embellishments "one.

"you can use silver mercury glass or even gold or brass to help move the light "so as you're planning a romantic dinner at home think about incorporating china vases candle votives trays, silver mercury glass votives $11 for an uber festive vibe put them in an old jar or cheap glass vase with cinnamon sticks glued around it use a serrated knife to trim them to varying