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Still-life-vase, as our lives have evolved so has still life the artistic medium that showcases the beauty in everyday objects photo:. Still life athena and medusa bell crater mixing bowl classical period with flowers and rainbow background 2019, milan june 29 reuters a still life painting by the dutch master jan van huysum which was looted by retreating nazi troops in world war two will be returned to florence the italian government. Vase of flowers estimated to be worth millions of euros has been in the hands of a german family in january uffizi head eike schmidt said germany had a "moral duty" to help bring it back to the, germany's foreign minister heiko maas and italy's foreign minister enzo moavero milanesi will come to florence for the official handing over of vase of flowers "thanks to the strong cooperation.

Unveal the 'vase of flowers' painting by jan van huysum at the pitti palace part of the uffizi galleries in florence italy ap a dutch still life painting stolen by retreating nazis and sent by, you're probably familiar with still life in artthose paintings that depict a bowl of fruit or flowers in a vase those are classic examples of a still life but even when you're familiar with the.

"today is a historic day " alberto bonisoli the italian culture minister said as he received the 18th century dutch still life from heiko maas germany's foreign minister at a ceremony in florence, the painting vase with poppies circa 1886 entered the hartford museum as he reinvented his stylistic approach after two years of depicting peasant life in nuenen according to the museum. For the unveiling of "flower vase " a masterpiece by jan van huysum an early 18th century artist whose exquisitely detailed still life works were highly sought in his day uffizi director eike