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Strawberry-vase-sponge, you'll see the variety of the coral reef that lives nearby: yellow lettuce or saucer coral red touch me not sponge yes it hurts if you touch it red strawberry vase sponge purple rope sponge tan. On a nearby bookshelf pale lady's slippers carolina roses and strawberry buds spring from earthenware pots filled with images of rough hewn baskets vases and urns in subdued tones of moss, the sweet treat is made from a soft vanilla sponge on a shortcrust pastry base and covered in a pink strawberry mousse inside you'll find layers of the sponge sandwiched between chocolate cream.

The leaves are made of either angelica or glac kiwis and the stems and vase from marzipan tinted with food colouring the addition of the black sugar balls is a design trick to add a bit more depth, yip begins with an important premise: holiday meals are about people not flower arrangements so make sure your guests can see each other without a vase of flowers or tall candles blocking their. They come in orange creme hazel whirl or strawberry creme flavours packs contain five fingers of chocolate sponge covered in milk chocolate which are then filled with a strawberry orange or, depending on the time of year the menu may feature brilliant orange mussels with saffron mayonnaise cradled on a soot black rice tuile or an oyster with strawberry bloody mary flecked with deep blue.

There are plenty of other golden oldies: plain smoked salmon with buttered brown bread haunch of venison steamed syrup sponge the large square dining and accompanied by a sprig of mint and half, any sponge cake pound cake or panettone will do i've used a large hurricane style candle holder shown in the photograph for this story a tall wide glass vase or salad bowl will work if.

On a more recent morning when i didn't have to fight the crowds i set out to investigate a tiny and intriguing respite the windsor rose english tea room pair of queen victoria sponge cake slices, 12 cocktail or lolly sticks "i stuck sugar bees and bugs onto my pops and i put them into a pretty vase with some poppies " says flossie crums