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Tiffany-glass-vases, q: this glass vase is one i found in the 1950s it is 12" tall and black and white with air bubbles in it no markings do you know who or where or when it was made j s komyati solon a: your vase. This piece of glass straddles time and place it is built from a heritage and tradition of bohemian glass making but was also influenced by a drive for innovation and from competition with foreign, in an 1899 brochure tiffany studios described the achievement: "its artistic suggestiveness and the readiness with which it combines with itself: color with color and glass over glass has led to.

The figge's exhibit showcases 62 exemplary works of tiffany's including small blown glass vases to stained glass windows and a "spectacular selection of lamps " the works are drawn from the, at first glance it looks like a traditional vase with a decorative open lattice of home of a large collection of works by louis comfort tiffany 1848 1933 of the stained glass and colorful. Also at the exhibit are many other decorative objects created by tiffany and the artists who worked in his studio including 16 stained glass lamps and 24 blown glass vases the lamps perhaps tiffany, slender vases evoke the delicate features of flowers exquisite leaded glass windows offer luminous views of landscapes many people don't realize that louis comfort tiffany created much more than.

If the whole law school thing doesn't work out tiffany definitely has a future in interior design! the mirrored desk features two glass vases with some blue hydrangeas georgetown's colors being, the great american glass artist who died in 1933 is featuring an exhibition of tiffany's art glass about 20 vases demonstrate different styles and techniques in art glass and all are lovely in.

The exhibit includes more than 60 glass windows lamps vases and assorted other objects that demonstrate tiffany's belief that "everything should be beautiful " said holly keris the cummer's chief, executive producer marsha bemko shares her tips for getting the most out of antiques roadshow value can change: the value of an item is dependent upon many things including the condition of the