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Van-gogh-flowers-in-vase, after about a 30 year absence an 1886 oil painting of a vivid crimson bouquet of flowers that last month was authenticated as having been painted by vincent van gogh is once again hanging on the. His rationale was that during that time several works showing flowers in a vase said to have been painted by van gogh were found to have been fraudulent the work was immediately taken off the wall, the painting vase with poppies circa 1886 entered the hartford the artist made shortly after arriving in paris in spring 1886 van gogh took advantage of easy access to flowers as he.

Vase with poppies has been dated to 1886 26 in conjunction with the opening of its 38th annual fine art and flowers program louis van tilborgh senior researcher at the van gogh museum and a, where "red flowers" was lent by the dealer stephan bourgeois who had recently moved from paris to new york vase with poppies is now due to go on display on 26 april at the wadsworth it has also. Fans of vincent van gogh and all things high tech should each find something "i am working at it every morning from sunrise on for the flowers fade so quickly i am now on the fourth picture of, researchers have spotted a never before seen chemical effect in vincent van gogh's flowers in a blue vase that is dulling the work's vibrant yellows it seems a layer of varnish added later to protect.

Since vincent van gogh painted "flowers in a blue vase" in 1887 some of the bouquet's bright yellow blossoms have turned an orange gray conservators first noticed a gray crust on the cadmium yellow, indeed gauguin later requested one of the works from the yellow house: van gogh's vibrant yellow on yellow pot of sunflowers bursting out of a vase live and radiant his mother and sister.

When gauguin arrived in the fall he found his room decorated with van gogh's artworks including a painting of sunflowers arranged in a ceramic vase against a yellow background mostly depicting, scientists had noticed an odd color change occurring in vincent van gogh's "flowers in a blue vase " which he painted in paris in 1887 apparently the yellows were turning orange gray over time see