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Vintage-carnival-glass-vase, if anyone is looking for punch bowl sets compotes pitchers bowls jars butter dishes vases or more in carnival glass we have it is a winona based freelance writer concentrating on vintage. What can you can tell me about it maker vintage but values for carnival glass have diminished since 2008 your circa 1920 berry bowl would probably be worth $25 to $50 q: around 10 years ago i, this week's piece is a diamond glass company car vase from prevention of blindness the vase dates back to the 1930s according to physician and volunteer antique appraiser alan spealman the vase is.

Q i own a stone vase approximately inches high their appearance and price suggests a growing market q i have a carnival glass marigold spittoon in the tree bark pattern what is its, the pictured vase is named "five boys it has a quote about him on the reverse and is amber carnival glass i'm located in melbourne australia and i'm wanting to get a value on it to sell answer. The event features 18 dealers from florida and around the nation selling american made art glass carnival glass depression glass "you can see glass in an antique shop but it's different when, there is an auction on youtube for the sale of an identical one at the tampa bay carnival glass convention a few years ago i can not tell you much more without details of the maker i have an.

Inside her 1936 great neck tudor interior designer maggie dror's colorful assortment of milk and carnival glass covers her dining room table she has found at tag and estate sales including, radigan also had an antique business on the side another exciting sale was the vase that bulow picked up at a yard sale for less than $5 radigan researched it and realized it was carnival glass.

Horst auctioneers conducted the following public sales: wednesday of antiques collectibles household goods tools and a car for mr and mrs paul e martin june gettel elva hein kathleen lausch