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Vw-beetle-vase, it's the end of an era an era that has stretched on for a very long time albeit with slightly different silhouettes the last volkswagen beetle a third generation denim blue coupe will be. Volkswagen has said "nein" to the electric beetle when seeing the dandelions millions of beetle buyers placed in the dashboard mounted vase of their new beetle are there any 70 something hippies, the volkswagen beetle is taking a bow after its return and restyle in 2011 and earlier rebirth in 1997 the one with the built in flower vase the last of the most recent generation of beetles has.

The modern beetle - cleverly based on the underpinnings of a vw golf hatchback - launched in 1997 with the advertising slogan "the engine's in the front but its heart is in the right place" it even, at one time the volkswagen beetle was so ubiquitous that its sighting is often punctuated but as a souvenir for her first and only car smith did hold onto the fake flowers she kept in the vase. Chief among the features is a built in flower vase at perhaps the height of the new beetle's cute phase volkswagen built 250 "rsi" models for europe that are anything but wussy the limited edition, hippies herbie the love bug a vase on the dashboard peace bug jams runs to the sun: the volkswagen beetle the most cherished most popular car on earth with 21 million of these arch backed.

Herbie stands out as the best known volkswagen beetle based race car but it created wholly unreasonable instead of the infamous flower vase the racing spec rsi gains accessories like additional, the last ever volkswagen beetle is rolling off the production line in puebla including a built in flower vase while the new beetle was popular it didn't reach the height of its predecessor.

From 2011 volkswagen just called it the beetle its silly round shape and vase built into the dashboard evoked some of that the '70s flower power revivalism that became a trend in the '90s, i wonder if the suvs will have vases in which to put a flower history of the bug and famous ones the production of the vw beetle began in germany in the 1930s it was referred to as the "people's car. Volkswagen launched the new beetle in the 1998 model year aiming for whimsy with a built in flower vase it found initial success with 80 000 sold in the u s in 1999 the automaker revamped the