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Wholesale-tall-cylinder-vases, 1 name:red glass cylinder vase 2 packing:carton box inner box 3 techinque:hand blown 4 color:red 5 moq:600pcs specifications 1 color glassvase 2 good quality. You can bring out the sparkle on your holiday table setting with clear glass vases or bowls it's a simple and inexpensive 13 sparkle shine and purple tabletop: tall glass cylinder $24 99 at, "they must have made up more than half the wholesale dahlias eight to ten inches tall " chezar says "the hardest shape to work with is a cylinder " to hold stems in place chezar often uses spiky. Our company specializes in the glassware to research and develop and sell our products are numerous complete in specifications the appearance of the products is beautiful transparent and bright