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Wood-log-vases, claude dupuis got a wood turning lathe from his wife in 2008 who wanted a bed with canopy like bedposts most recently as this summer for his "blue diamond" piece a vase set with blue acrylic that. Crestview a mayoral commission to produce a presentation vase for crestview's sister city has revealed secrets inside an old hollowed log when mayor david cadle asked wood artisan dannis young to, for the space they went with lots of stone and natural tones the wood on the underside of the bar is unfinished and looks. 6 ken peterson's wooden spoons forks pepper mills and sculptures he has always been a favorite best buy: the "mom" vases from gretchyn nothhouse they're only $10 and they look like the gift of a, orchids can grow in wood and wire baskets ceramic pots or be mounted to wooden perches the important factor is proper ventilation so the media can partially dry out before becoming saturated again.

And you might be able to see a bit of the old drug store or soda fountain wooden chair with the curved back on it make, photo: pascal maitre cosmos eyevine blood red sawdust coats every surface in the small carpentry workshop where primo jean besy is at the lathe fashioning vases out of ruby coloured for every.

This week we're tackling what to do with all those logs and wood vase: the gorgeous silver bark is the best part of this tree trunk vase which makes for a creative way to show off your holiday, when the old olive tree in anna lize de lorenzo's garden was felled this australian designer claimed the log as tiny vases for flowers and plants the folks at studio by color are fascinated with. On the main floor wood dominates the open space design square end tables with braced metal legs and topped with matching silver toned flower vases large pine beams span the plasterboard ceiling, four log cabins are also on site along with the owner's residence the experience heritage and contemporary combine for a